English and The Law

In this ROFL, STFU, LMK and ILU era, the longform has attained a status and meaning of its own. It removes brevity from the equation and gives you an opportunity to explore,
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Malvika Rajkotia
Malavika Rajkotia is an attorney with about 31 years of experience in a wide range of practice areas. She has developed a focus on family and property law, and also takes up issues pertaining to civil liberties and environmental law. Her personal interests are theatre where she has been active, having done about 30 Hindi and English productions as also a television law based serial called “Bhanwar”. She anchored the first Hindi Television Talk show in India called Shakti, which focused on women’s rights. She also works with various NGOs like Sakshi and IFSHA on civil liberties and human rights issues.
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